I have come so that they may live and live abundantly. 
John 10:10

That verse is definitely one of my favorite scriptures in the Bible. A direct call from God to live an abundant life. Not in material possessions or a volume of accolades, but a life that makes your soul proud. A life in which your spirit soars and is lifted high, because you’re living for a greater purpose and for the Greatest Being, God.  What does that life look like? 

Peaceful: When you’ve decided to live for God you are forever transform by the renewing of your mind. A peace that transcends understanding surrounds your life and everything you do. Your thoughts take on a positive perspective on life, because you begin to see the bigger picture of things. No, life doesn’t get easy, but now you know you’re never alone. And no matter what happens God is at your side and never forgets you. 

Calming: What a calming life to have someone think of you and take care of all your essential concerns.  Less stress and more patience? Sign me up! That’s the abundant life God provides for His followers. You are blessed and highly favored because of Him. 

Lovely: You notice the textures in life. The puffiness of the clouds, the way the tree sways in the wind. If this is all sounding sugary and sweet it’s not because it’s a fantasy, but God’s abundant grace. Undeserved, yet given, because of His unconditional love for us. 

Simple: I love simple. Anyone who knows me knows that simple is always the way I prefer to go. Simple attire, attire, simple recipes, simple routes, just all things simple. Living in Christ means living for Him. When He becomes priority uno you move through life knowing what things to consider and what things to let go.  A lot of the decision making is gone because it simply does not align with God’s plan for you. Simple.

Now don’t get it wrong, life isn’t a walk in the park on a brisk weathered morning, at least not on most days. But choosing to go with Jesus means seeing things through Him. He came so you and I can have a full and spirited life. So let’s do this!!!