There is a quiet pleasure in sitting down with my planner every Sunday evening to plan for the upcoming week. It's a sacred tradition I've held for years. It started with a sheet of paper in elementary school that I used to write my "to-do" list (Lord only knows what I was planning at that age) and homework. And I've not veered from that since. I've dabbled with using online planners and I sometimes use apps, but I'm a paper and pen girl. Lucky for me, gorgeously designed planners are a pretty big deal and there are way more options than ever before. I have a strong preference for planners for that add more than just the standard daily/weekly layout, but that also offer space for lifestyle elements. So without further preface, I'd like to share with you, in no particular order, my list of what I call intentional living planners for 2016. 

2016 Planners:
  • This is the planner I used for 2015 and many of you are probably familiar with it. The Day Designer flagship planner comes in a daily format and possibly a weekly. Its hardcover is beautifully designed with clean and feminine patterns. The layout has a schedule section that goes from 5am-9pm, most important tasks, a to-do list, quote, gratitude, notes, and a few extras. This planner was created for the creative entrepreneur and I would also recommend this planner for the woman who is balancing a lot a different projects with days that look different from the next. 
  • Order: September 16th 
  • Designed with the happiest and most "joy-bringing" colors, Emily Ley's planners are also in a daily format, but there will also be a weekly option. The daily layout has a 6am-9pm schedule, a to-do, quote, dinner, and notes. It's simple, clean, bright, and beautiful. This is great for individuals with a long daily to-do list, but of course you can still make it yours even if you don't have a busy list. The size is also smaller than their previous versions which is perfect for the tote. 
  • Order: September 9th
  • Ashley offers three versions of her planners, a daily, weekly, and monthly. So you can truly select a layout that suits your needs. The daily layout goes from 7am-7pm and offers space for to-dos and notes. The daily version is a 6-months planner (January- June 2016), this makes it more portable and less thick than a 12-months planner, but the dates is definitely something to keep in mind. I think the monthly version would be perfect for blog/business planning or any projects you may have. The monthly layout would be great in addition to a primary planner.  
  • Pre-order: September 1st
  • This planner packs a lot in its daily and weekly versions. Along with the same sections as the previous planners, Corie Clark offers a section for prayer and praise, water intake, and 15-minutes reflection prompt. There's also a monthly section for budgeting, chores, and goals. 
  • Order: Now on sale and follow her Instagram for more information. 
  • With its geometric design and gorgeous thick paper Tonya's weekly planner are great for those with a more fixed schedule. It has a great monthly goal and mission section to keep you on track and on top of your goals. 
  • Order: September 
  • A dateless mindful planner with a simple and clean design. With 100 days is a perfect supplement to use to keep track goals in a more mindful way. You ca certainly use it as your primary planner if you're looking for something small, beautiful, and portable. Update: There is now a new daily and dated Jan-Dec 2016 spiral-bound version of this planner. 
  • Order: Anytime (Pre-order dated version October 1st-15th)
  • The 2016 version of Lorna Jane's Move Nourish Believe brand planner has not yet been released, but it is one that I have my eye on for the upcoming year. Although the weekly layout is standard it does offer nice watercolor details, seasonal recipes, exercise recommendation, and inspiration that make this planner a perfect fitness/wellness companion. I would definitely use this as my wellness tracker/journal. 
  • Order: TBA
  • More of a journal than a planner, but I came across this last year and have had it on my list since. This journal is designed to help you keep all of your prayers, quiet time, Bible study, and special moments with God all in one place. It's the only companion you'll need during those moments. 
  • Order: TBA this Fall 
  • This was the planner I used for parts of 2013 and 2014 and I loved it. Kimberly's offers a weekly layout with section for appointments, todos, and projects. There's also a daily and weekly checklist to help you stay mindful and well, those are my favorite sections. It's dateless so you can start anytime and there's ton a blank pages to create a collage, vision board, whatever you want. 
  • Order: TBA this Fall

Honorable Mentions:
Although these planners only come in a standard weekly layout, but were too beautiful not to add to this list. 

Etsy Printables:  
Instant download and print planners that are seriously affordable and perfect as inserts. 

I hope you've found a planner for your 2016 dreams and schemes on this list. If not, I'll be sharing how to select the best planner for you on Wednesday's post; stop then and also get a free printable checklist.  

If I'm missing a planner you think should be on this list, please feel free to leave the name below. As always, thank you for stopping by.