Hey Love,


I hope you're staying safe and well into the new year. As many of you know I recently moved to Washington, DC. Like you, I watched what happened on Wednesday, January 6th,  with a great deal of indignation. As a Black woman living in this country for two decades I am not shocked or surprised this happened. I'm not surprised that those rioters were treated better than anyone with my complexion who protested for our right to live a fair life ever was treated. It's the LEVEL of which they were essentially escorted around the Capitol in their fail coup that was indignant. I'm writing this post less than 24 hours after these events occurred about 4 miles from my apartment. Though I'll probably post this much later. I'm not upset this happened, afraid in any way, or worried about more attacks. As I've shared before, there is good and bad in everything. Good can come from what happened on the Capitol. Here's why:


It Manifests the Ugliness of this Country

It is impossible to solve a problem that has not been identified or named. This country needs to reckon with its treatment of Black people from the inception of its history. That process will not be pretty and will not occur overnight. The event on that Wednesday is evidence. This is the resistance to equality and the fair treatment of Black people that will occur during this reckoning. We're not the first generation to witness this and I don't think we'll be the last; but the reckoning must happen.


It Makes Tangible What Many Still Think is Not True

Some people will simply not believe until they experience it for themselves. America loves to think itself above "demonstrations", as if it's such a democracy we can simply talk our way to a consensus. This has NEVER been true. Democracy in this country is still very much reserved for white people. There's been progress, but I am tired of incremental change that takes decades to materialize. I hope we use this event for definitive change that helps ALL Americans.  


It Gives Concrete to Build From 

It's one thing to observe injustice, but it's another to experience that violation done to you. I can't fathom how staffers and Congress feels having their workspace violated like that. Can you imagine a stranger invading your work area, putting their feet on your desk, accessing your computer without authorization! Whew! In a PANDEMIC on top of that! After January 6th, I think it will be difficult to oppose measures that address the root cause of the riot. This event can be used for good and I sincerely hope it is. 


As I sat to write this post, this was NOT AT ALL where I thought this was going, but it's what came out of my spirit and I'll always honor that. I hope this blog serves a safe place for you to come, but I'll always discuss topics that are heavy on my heart. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.



So this post is probably going up on Inauguration Day. I'm sadden that I'll probably be watching this event at my apartment with my roommate instead of in-person with my best friend and roommate. I really looked forward to enjoying this ceremony as a new resident of DC, but we now live in a world that is constantly terrorized and this is a consequence of that. I pray this countries comes out of these times better and more equitable for all its people.