There's nothing like being tucked in a little corner with a comfortable chair, tea, and a good book. Like many of you I have a mad addiction to books and reading. Reading is a luxury that I treat myself to everyday.  So I'm sharing 9 books I'm looking forward to reading this summer.

The Beach Reads:

  • What better way to kick off this list than at the beach. The story follows fashion designer Margaux Sullivan as she leaves her stress-filled Manhattan life to return to her coastal home for a reprieve to plan for comeback. Only thing, love may have other plans. 

  • Another fun & easy read, this story follows editor in chief, Imogen, at a fashion magazine who returns to work after a 6 month leave only to find nothing stays the same. This book takes us on a funny yet stylish insider's look at fashion in the digital age. 


  • I just picked this book up over the weekend and cannot wait to delve into it. Kate Betts who has served as editor to various major fashion magazine recalls her Parisian journey and it's sure to inspire us all to dream big and chic dreams.

History Lover:

  • I love history books and in this one Laurel Ulrich recalls her historical quote and delves deeper into what it means for women to make history. She takes a look back at women artists and depiction of women in art and culture and how they made the ripples that turned to waves. I'll definitely be doing a review in the future. 


  • I don't usually pick up mystery books, but having just finished Murder on Champ de Mars I cannot wait to jump back into Aimée Leduc's private detective life around Paris. This book follows the 5 months pregnant detective as she tries to balance her busy work, stylish life, and track down a serial rapist. 


  • This is by far the hardest category to select, I have far too many cookbooks in my collection and I've recently added this one and I love the charming stories that are shared throughout the book and the whole idea of living a healthy and inspired life. 


  • This is unlike any other personal finance book I've ever come across and how I always dream a personal finance book to be. This book is written by women for women, but men are also welcome. The idea is one I subscribe to in my personal life: having an ideal vision to truly see that what we want is a possibility. Rogin and Kueng detail how we can design our vision into a reality. I'm so in love with it and I'm only in the introduction. Full review to come. 


  • My current read follows the author, Betty Halbreich, the legendary personal shopper at the one and only Bergdorf Goodman. Now in her 80s, Betty takes us on a journey through her life of great style and courage. Her adventures eventually lead her to becoming one of the most renowned personal shoppers and stylist. 

  • My best friend has been raving about this book and it's one I desperately need to read. In this updated and revised version Dallas Willard provides spiritual insight into what it means to having an active and intimate relationship with God. 

And that's all ladies. I thoroughly enjoyed putting this list together and I hope you enjoyed reading it. I'm thinking of having a more permanent place for books here on the blog, possibly a monthly book club. Let me know if you'd be interested. 

With Love,