Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.
Paul Meyer

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I am a paper-holic. Notepads, notebooks, personalize stationery, pens, and especially planners.  And this time of years is my absolute favorite: it’s planner season.  Usually, by this time of the year I’ve already ordered my planner for the upcoming year (ordered it three months ago). I know, I know, it seems a bit obsessive, but I honestly do obsess over my planner.

Yes, I’ve tried the electronic way, but my DNA is simply not programmed for that. So as a pen and paper kinda lady I invest in my agenda and today I’d like to share some of my favorite (i.e chicest) planners for 2015.  But I’d love to know what planners you’re using for your WORLD DOMINATION plans. Please share, as mentioned, I love planners. Enjoy and look out in the upcoming weeks for my post on how I use my planner. 

This planner is fun packed and very versatile. It is ideal for someone who may want to frequently change or update the cover (I know, how cool is that) and loves bold and colorful prints. Erin Condren offers several versions in all the colors you could dream of. Great for the middle or high school modern lady. 

No need to introduce this planner, Lilly Pulitzer has always been a one of the best planners with unique prints that just makes a girl feel good. Simple and effective, this planner is for the woman who wants beauty at an affordable price (who doesn't want that, right?). I loved these planners when I was in college. 

Chic and simple personified. Kate's planners are just...right. Lovely and feminine covers, chic quotes, and to the point planning. Great for the lady on the go who just want a planner that says "I've got style"

I discovered Emily's planner via Instagram and fell in love. Spacious and detailed, these planners are for the more serious planner who just likes to have it all down on paper. This is the kinda planner that you'll have with you almost everyday to take notes and plan your chic life down to the detail. Great for the lady that loves to get it all in paper. 

Saved my favorite for last. Marketed as the planner for the creative entrepreneur, the Day Designer is the new kid on the block, meaning the chic and perfect lady on the block. This planner is for the ultimate planner who wants productivity and style.  This is great for the blogger and the girl out there launching her brand. It has everything you could dream of wrapped in a simple chic hardcover. 

For 2014 I had the Kimberly Wilson Tranquility du Jour (first photo) planner (looooved it) and for 2015 I’m SUPER DUPER excited to get my hands on Whitney English’s Day Designer. Get ready to see endless photos of it in 2015, it is that beautiful.