The most valuable resource you can bring to your work and to your firm is creativity.
Annette Moser-Wellman

Darling, let's have a chat...

Life is a verb. It’s about doing, creating, shaping, and being. When we embrace our creative intuitions life blooms and burgeons into our wildest desires. Humans are creative beings, we are all creative.  Welcome your creativity with non-judgment and enthusiasm. Seek to expand or learn a new skills to better your craft.

Creativity is a skill that must be honed and developed with love and care.  We all have the talent to create and produce something lovely and genuine in this world. What are you doing to leave this life better off? Start by taking stock of what you enjoy doing and expand organically from there. Live and create with freedom.

Here’s a great article from the Wall Street Journal that addresses the topic of creativity and the “creative type”: How to be Creative

How can you foster your creativity? Here are some suggestions:

1.     Read, read, and read some more: Expose yourself to what’s out there and delve into unexplored topics.

2.     Meet people: Mingle with people from backgrounds different from your own. Get to known that coworker that you may think you have nothing in common with.

3.     Live for the experience: Let life be. I’m a major proponent from living an active and deliberate life, meaning making choices and decisions each day to create the life you’ve imaged. But I also embrace what life gives me and use the lemons and make lemonade. This lifestyle allows me to create beauty from the mundane.

4.      Get to know your inner voice: Your intuition will lead to your heart’s desires. Is there a thought or an activity that you find yourself returning to when idle? Ponder on the significance of that and what it says about your passions.

5.     Be willing to be uncomfortable: Life is not always like a box of chocolate, sometimes you know exactly what you’re gonna get. If you don’t like it or want to try a different flavor you’ve got to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Making radical or semi-radical changes to one's life leads to a lot shifts, sometimes paradigm shifts. This can be a really uncomfortable process, but it’s one that must be done if we hope to step closer to the life we've imagined. 

Remember you are creative, you possess the skills and talents necessary to be the creative being that you are. Hone those skills with love and set your creative spirit free. 

Live Creatively,