Darling, let’s have a chat…

I came across a post via tumblr some while ago, it originated from a Joyce Meyer devotion and sermon by the same name: The Confident Woman. Having just read the title I knew further exploration was necessary.  So in I delved. 

When I conjure up characteristics of a confident woman I envision a woman of faith, with strong values, high standards, and impeccable character.  This woman knows herself, accepts her faults, and embraces the uncertainty that is life. She is a woman of elegance and grace. She has no need to belittle, no need to compare, and no need to envy. Why? She relishes in her individuality and designs a life that is uniquely hers.

By no means is this confident woman perfect, nor does she strives to be. Her intention is to live a full and purposeful life.

So how does she do it? 

Her confidence is not self-confidence.  No, no, no darling, rather she is confident in Christ. Her self-assurance is watered from a well that never runs dry. She is not afraid because God is with her and within her. Her courage comes from this truth and she carries herself in His light, through His grace. 

According to Meyer’s sermon there are seven secrets of a confident woman:

                  1. A Confident Woman Knows She is Loved
    • She first loves herself, her flaws, and humbly receives love from those offering it purely.  

    • 2. A Confident Woman Refuses to Live in Fear
    • In Isaiah 41:10 (my favorite verse) the Lord says "Do not be afraid for I am with you". Joshua 1:9: Have I not command you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go. 

    • 3. A Confident Woman is Positive
    • How can she be otherwise and be a woman of faith? No, she’s not blind to truth or reality. This woman radiates the light of God, positive and pure. It is her weapon and her foundation.  

    • 4. A Confident Woman Recovers from Setbacks
    • She is not infallible.  She will fall. But she will get right back up! She understands and embraces her humanity and knows that God has strengthen her for whatever she is going through. 

    • 5. A Confident Woman Avoids Comparison
    • She has no reason to compare.  She is human like everyone else and understands that she is on a unique journey.  

    • 6. A Confident Woman Does Not Live in “If Only” and “What if”
    • She is a woman of action. She sets goals and pursue them to accomplishment. She is introspective and follows the will of God.  

    • 7. A Confident Woman Takes Action
    • She gets it done. 

Darling, when we place our confidence in Christ we are no longer subjected to our own will, but become renewed and transform through Jesus.  This list is not exhaustive, but the point is living in Christ is living. Period!

What about? What do you think are traits of a confident woman?