There is a deep therapeutic quality about treating oneself. It alleviates the mind and nourishes the soul. Cultivating a life of self-love is the best gift we can give to ourselves. This goes beyond what money can buy and makes me think of Tom Ford's words "Time and silence are the most luxurious things today". We must be judicious about what we bring into our life, meticulously aware of our needs and desires in order to curate a life of real luxury and meaning. The modern woman lives an examined life that is filled with simple moments that ripple into a lifestyle of deliberate living. Today I'm sharing 15 simple luxuries that create a more fulfilling life.

  1. Moments of stillness and quiet
  2. A nutritious breakfast
  3. An office space at home
  4. Reading
  5. A comforting bed
  6. Daily physical activity
  7. A petite notebook 
  8. Beautiful music
  9. A prayer life
  10. Beautiful perfume
  11. A short road trip
  12. A healthy level self-awareness 
  13. Quality relationships
  14. A bouquet of flowers
  15. Proper Sleep
I'm sure you can think of items that aren't here, but bring immeasurable value to your life and that's the beauty of luxury, it is uniquely define by each individual. This list is not exhaustive and maybe you'd like to create your own as a reminder of what brings meaning to your life. I hope you do that. 

With Love,