I have a deep love for the written word. I love reading books, news, scientific articles, you name it. Reading is an adventure to a land of knowledge and new perspectives. If you've read any of the Final Look post you'd note that I always have a book in hand. So I thought it would be a great idea to share my thoughts on some of those books, possibly on a monthly basis. I primarily stick to non-fiction, but I occasionally dabble in fiction. So in this new series I'm sharing my thoughts on 5 books I've recently read.

Let's kick it off with 1 of the 3 fictions I've read this year.  As a mystery it wasn't too dark, which is a big plus for me. Set in Paris with a cast of odd individuals, Fred Vargas's book moved at a leisurely pace as it took me on a journey with Commissioner Adamsberg. The main character is a very intricate man who views the world through unconventional lenses. This book is a great weekend read. It's part of a series and I look forward to reading more. 

Yes to this book! So worth the read. Amy talks about her whole approach to writing this book and gives us a bit of biographical history. I found the book very inspirational, her style of writing and what she wrote about were also very entertaining. I thought she did a terrific job of sharing her history without revealing too much. 

This is the second book I've read by Lysa. I've previously read Unglued over a year ago and have not stopped recommending it to my friends. The Best Yes is also a must read and like Lysa, honest and forthcoming. I just love everything about this woman. 

I've read a handful of other books on clean healthy eating since reading Pollan's book and without a doubt his is my favorite. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in changing their diet. It's a great book to start the journey because he's not prescribing a nutritional lifestyle just presenting a view on the state of nutrition. I think reading this book first has had the biggest effect on how I approach my eating habits. 

You've probably heard the hype about this book. Konda's approach is certainly novel, in some areas. I'm an organizer by nature so I found the book to reinforce what I believe in, but I'm happy I picked it up for one reason, her main message. The magic of tidying up is to discard.  No matter how hard you try it will not be possible to transform a place and your life without first removing what is unnecessary. Simple, yet profound. 

What books have you read this year that have been the most impactful? Do share. Thank you.

With Love,