Deciding to make a change is no easy task. It requires a certain mental prowess and of course the will to carry in through. But there are changes that must happen if we want to move forward with our goals. These changes set a foundation for the work we're building and will ultimately make our path smoother.  One such change is our morning routine. What we do in the first hour of our day has an intricate part in the outcome of our day. If we can create a morning routine that uplifts and energizes us then we can use that same energy to propel our goals forward. Setting up a routine that works for your life is a personal matter, but there are a few elements that can elevate your routine. These tools are meant to cultivate a morning of ease that gets us in the right state-of-mind to conquer our day.  

Wake Up Early

This is by far the most challenging, but it is undoubtedly the most important. The earlier we rise the more time we have and the slower we can move. It is pure bliss to start the day at a leisurely slow pace. There's a real elegance in moving slowly that extends beyond our morning. With more time were are able set the tone and pace for the day. We can do more and not feel rushed.  

Take Time for Yourself

Carving out time and space for a moment of solitude is a gift we should have daily, even if it's only five minutes. Take this time to connect with your soul, whether that's through reflection, prayer, Bible study, or just be. Sometimes I just admire the beauty of the flowers in my room. That may sound odd, but it puts me in a positive state. Whatever you choose to do, make it yours and make it a priority. 

Mindful Movement 

There's nothing I love more about my mornings than my meditation and yoga. I feel so accomplished and ready for the day. This is the part of our morning that gets us physically ready for the day. It doesn't have to be anything strenuous, a simple morning routine is all you'll need. 


There's a reason it's the most important. Getting a nutritious meal first thing in the morning is the best way to get the energy we'll need to get through our to-dos. If you do only one of these five I hope it's this, because you'll notice a difference. And it doesn't have to be complicated. There are some amazingly simple and nutritious breakfasts recipes that will get you going. 
Visualize Your Day

Before you step out the door or into your home office, have a clear picture of what you want from this day. What will you do to make today a success? Visualize it and keep that image in the forefront of your mind as you go through the day. Use that image to keep you going and to keep any negative vibes away. 

Creating a morning routine that allows you to start your day on your terms and at your pace sounds real good, doesn't it! And it's a real possibility for each of us. So today take a conscious look at your morning and then intentionally implement changes that will usher forth a lovely morning and an even lovelier day.

À la prochaine,