This week I was really good about winding down my day at an appropriate time. This gift has allowed me to read Sarah Ban Breathnach's Simple Abundance, a daily devotion on living a simple and abundant life.  It was during one of those nights, August 18th, that I came across these words,

 "How can we live richer, deeper, and more passionately if we aren't willing to invest in ourselves?" 

Now I don't know what it is that you need to invest in to live your authentic life, maybe it's shifting your paradigm or your operating perspective, maybe it learning a new skill, or fine-tuning your craft, I don't know what it is, but you do. And if you're reading this blog you're definitely someone who cares about curating an authentic life. Life isn't going to pause to allow us to get it together. No matter what we do life is going to happen, why not make sure it happens while we live richer, deeper, and more passionately. It ain't easy. But it's possible and it starts by being honest and intentional about everything you do. This weekend take a moment to reflect on how you're living  your life and if it is aligned with the woman you were created to be. 


What I'm Loving:
  • My new job! Ahh, so grateful. 
  • These mini notepads from the Target dollar section. 
  • My wishlist of flats for the fall! 

Book Recommendation:
  • A Paris Apartment
    • I've only just started Michelle Gable's novel about the complexities of relationships, but I have so much hope for this book and it's set in the always stylish and sophisticated Paris.  
Weekend Reading:
Weekend Plans:
  • Finish reading A Paris Apartment
  • Call an old friend
  • Trip planning for the Fall 

I hope this weekend brings you rest, peace, and enlightenment. Share some of your plans below. 

Until Monday,