The end of summer brings a level of coolness as things begin to slow down with the beginning of the autumn season. Personally, August was the fastest month for me and I'm very grateful for that, much too hot for my liking. I'm thrilled about the fall season and what awaits. I just started a new job, bit the bullet and started my Etsy shop, and finally learned to swim (never too late). This was a very interesting summer. It will certainly get its own chapter in my book. I'm looking forward to putting a big bow on the end of this season by swimming with the fishes near a small reef and here on the blog. I'm officially starting the Weekly Notes as a newsletter beginning next week! I've been wanting to do this and finally got myself organized enough to do it. This will be the last Weekly Notes here on the blog and you will now be able to receive it directly in your inbox. There are a few additions that I'm sure you're going to love and the popular sections will still be there as well. Just sign-up below. And let me know what you think once you've gotten it. 

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What I'm Loving:
  • Swimming! What a freedom. 
  • Jump starting a new business. Just did it! 
  • My fall sweaters list 
Book Recommendation:
Weekend Reading:
Weekend Plans: 
  • Plan for September
  • Re-vamp my planning & organization
  • Catch up on some podcast
  • Say goodbye to summer

I hope you take in this final summer weekend to rest and be at peace. I'll see you on Monday!