A quiet surrounding for mediation and contemplation is a small, but absolutely necessary component to living a life of more meaning and purpose. Creating such space brings not only comfort but peace and awareness to our life. These elements thus allow us to live a more deliberate and intelligent life. Crafting this space doesn't have to be an expense or laborious process, it just needs to be somewhere that welcomes you to just be. Your personal space could be a corner sofa early in the morning or late in the evening, a home office designed to your aesthetic taste, a porch or backyard, maybe somewhere in the great outdoors. All that matters is that you feel welcome and open to life's limitless possibilities in that place. Some of my favorite personal spaces are full of light and greenery. Here's a look at what I love in a personal space: 

A place where my soul soars. 

There's no other place that my soul feels most alive than near or in the ocean. 

A place where time seems to fade away.
Waking up and having the luxury to stay in bed with a cup of tea and a good book.  

A place where I can marvel at mother natures glorious beauty.
A weekly walk in the park is a must for my sanity.   

A place where I can lay to rest to natures lullaby.
Did I mention that I love the water?

A place where lighting is provided my God.
Every morning I sink deep into my favorite chair, right next to the window, and start my day. 

A place of comfort.
A little chair at the corner of the bedroom.  

A place to open my mind.
The library is a wonderful place for reflection, not to mention the great tools at your disposal.  

A place of my own.
A candlelit bath is luxurious and meditative. 

I hope this list has inspired you to create a small space of your own, even if it's transitory. Have that space and use it consistently to check-in with yourself and love who you are. Any other places you consider your personal space? Leave a comment below. 

With Love,