We must consciously, deliberately, and with vigorous determination live the life we desire. Almost anyone can get by with just doing the bare minimum, but to live a life of meaningful value requires effort beyond what you and I think we're capable of.  But the beauty is that we are capable, just as the flower blooms from a tiny seed, so too will our life flourish from something small to something truly remarkable and miraculous. With love and determination we can do anything.

Manifest a purposeful life:

  1. Figure out how you want to feel about your life. What words, emotions, and actions define you?
  2. Make time for quiet moments of solitude.
  3. Read constantly.
  4. Be honest with yourself, always. 
  5. Follow your values.
  6. Have and fearlessly pursue your priorities. 
  7. Listen more than you speak.
  8. Balance fun and not-so-fun.
  9. Do meaningful things. 
  10. Live your own adventure. 

With Love,