Note to Self

January 8, 2016

The first complete week of the year has come and gone and it was a slow and lovely start. This year is definitely starting off differently than it did last year. I don't feel any of that new year newness and the pressure to do and change a lot. I've been doing a lot of reflection and a bit of planning, but nothing like last year. I don't think I'm the only making less of January. As a matter, there's even a hashtag, #FebruaryIsTheNewJanuary. I'm not sure about that, but it goes to show that maybe we need to remove some of the pressure to change and create goals simply because it's a new year. Do what you can and what you want, and give it your best effort. 

  • Super grateful for the support of great co-workers. I started a new project at work and it would've been a rough start without help. 
Highlight of the Week:
  • The clear blue sky and warm sun on Thursday afternoon.  
Look of the Week:


French Onion Soup

  • Click here for complete recipe 




  1. Yes! The pressure to write our own Story is great, but we just need to trust the One who controls time itself. And He is the same this year as He was last year!

    And your outfit is fabulous! Have a joyful 2016!

    1. Thank you, Hannah! I totally agree. Having faith in God is a constant we can hold on to.


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