Having a successful year, however you define success, has to do with more than setting goals and making plans. It's about establishing a lifestyle conducive to your goals. Making plans is just the first leg of the journey, effectively carrying out those plans is a different ballgame. That's why creating a proper routine and developing strong habits that we can follow on a daily basis can set the foundation for accomplishing our goals.  So today I'm discussing 6 habits that can lead to a more successful year. 

  • This to me is the single most important habit to master. Getting a the proper amount of sleep is tantamount to our success. If we're tired, even the best and most thoughtful plans can go awry. Our aim should be for at least 7 hours a night and to get that on a consistent basis. One of the best ways to establish a good sleep habit is to plan ahead. Set a time to unplug from all electronic device, at least one hour before bed. I like to use that time to do my daily gratitude and a bit of reading. 
  • Our physical nourishment is essential to our well-being. Eating well starts with proper preparation. That starts with educating yourself on what your body needs to feel energized and revitalized. It's taking that knowledge and creating the best diet for you. It will definitely require discipline as you may not be able to have all the treats you'd want, but the payout of feeling amazing and having the energy to carry-out your goals will certainly be worth it. 
Mindful Movement 
  • My principle on exercise is to make it as much a part of daily life as possible. For me it goes beyond gym time or the yoga studio. It's about being mindful of my movements. That means making a conscious choice to pursue the path that offers the greatest benefit for my health. For me that means walking to my destination if I can help it, parking further to get more steps, using the stairs, not sitting for a long period, and just a general awareness of my physical being. I find that this awareness of my physical wellness helps me to be more aware mental wellness which helps me go after my goals with more thought and action.  
  • Communication is a two-way street. We complicate life so much simply from a lack of proper communication. Communicating is an essential skill that requires finesse and the ability to put ourselves out there and be vulnerable. But it helps us avoid so many unnecessary drama and headache. So this year, be clear and bold about what you want. Don't allow fear to stop you. We can't accomplish our goals on our own, and we'll need to effectively communicate what it is we need from others, whether that's space, proper boundaries, or help on a project. The key is to make sure we're on the same page with whomever we're working with. 
  • This is one habit I'm sure most of us have on our list and would love to do more of, but finding the time always seems impossible. Making reading a regular part of your day or week can positively transform how you approach other areas of your life. I personally go for personal development books and indulge in a fiction, usually one that's highly recommended, once in awhile. Whatever your cup of tea is make time for it, even if it's only half-an-hour before bed. Open your mind to seeing things from a different perspective, you never know how it can help you solve a problem or inspire a creative venture. 
  • Simple. Love in its most simplest and healthiest form.  Truly learn to love yourself and others. There's honestly no greater joy and peace than experiencing pure love and sharing that love. Do something, at least once a month, for yourself. Give your undivided attention to those you're with. Say 'I love you' more often, because it's one thing to love someone, it's another for that person to know and feel that you love them. When we operate with true love in our personal life we'll do the same in other areas as well. 

I hope this list has inspired you to think of your approach to your goals from a different perspective. Life is a balancing act and we're constantly looking for equilibrium. Developing the right habits can help us to tilt the scales in our favor. I'd love to know of any other habits that you think our important to your success. Leave a comment.