I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.
John 10:10

Life is meant to be lived! Yes, we have goals, dreams, and adventures to undertake, but never forget to embrace the simple luxuries life affords us each day. Usually, it's in these moments we get to recharge and rebound. These simple luxuries can be savored by each of us and we can create our own, whenever. The quality rather than the quantity is what allows life's simplicities to rejuvenate our soul and propel us further into our goals and dreams. So in the midst of the daily grind set aside the space and time to feed your soul. Here are 5 ways that I make this happen in my life.  

Quiet Time
I cannot even fathom something more powerful and productive than a few minutes of solitude and peace. How much time you'll need for a refreshing respite will depend on you. I usually need at least a good five minutes of tranquility to get my gears right. A moment of solitude can be used to clear the mind, find a solution to a problem, still the mind, reflect, meditate, consciously breathe, revisit a pleasant experience the list is nearly endless. I prefer to do my quiet time first thing in the morning and right before bedtime. There are times that I need a moment in the middle of the day. What matters is that you have inner peace and stillness, but you have to make time for it. 

A Good Book
To indulge in a good book is truly one of the pinnacles of a good life. I'm primarily a non-fiction girl, but I love to lose myself in a good story, especially when I've got a lot on my mind. Read a little a day or a lot, the point is to expand your horizons and your imagination. Make it a consistent habit, write it in your schedule. I find that setting a little goal, say 5 pages or a chapter, can help if you're struggling to make reading a norm. Make a list of the next five books you're going to read and keep a little notebook of all the books you've read with the dates you finished.  We all want to read more, so start by doing what you can today. 

A Good Meal 
Wholesome food feeds the soul. In this fast-paced life we may seldom make the opportunity to enjoy a good meal around a table filled of joy and laughter, but I urge you to make it happen. Maybe not daily, but surely on a recurring basis. Daily we can make eating healthy the easy choice by preparing and planning our meals for each week or for an entire month. Scour the internet for simple meals that are within your budget, there's no shortage, and give it a go. First start with a recipe, then shop and prep. I typically select two varieties for the different meals, that is two breakfast options, two lunch, two dinners, and two snacks for the week. By doing this I use all of my ingredients, limit the amount of work I need to do, and see how my body reacts to a certain food. 

A Refreshing Walk 
Weather you go for one slow lap around your block or a marathon around the city, the point is to move. This luxury is not necessarily about fitness, but more about releasing mental and/or bodily tension. You can do this daily or a few times per week, it cannot also be used as your quiet time. Making mindful movement part of your morning or evening ritual can help set or finish your day. Feel free to do more during this time and in the winter months to take it indoors, the point is to get your body moving, an essential to living a good life. 

Blissful Sleep 
Sleep sets the soul straight. It's about allowing our body to realign itself after a long day. You deserve a night of restorative sleep and your body will only thank you for the treatment. Know that time you need to get up and calculate when you need to be asleep to get the proper hours of sleep. Prepare for bed at least an hour before by getting ready for the next day, turning off electronics, handling your personal hygiene, and anything else you can. Don't try to complete your to do list, do what you can and set yourself up for a better tomorrow by enjoying this simple yet necessary luxury. 

I hope this list has inspired you to think of other little luxuries that you can incorporate in your life into order to live more abundantly. Share your suggestions below. Thank you for stopping by.