I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go;
    I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.
Psalms 32:8 

I sat at my desk and finally decided that I'm going to leap forward and start living the life I secretly dream about daily. The life with me as the owner of my own little business, lunch meetings, tea, and a lot of passionate work. The next day my boss offered me a promotion. I found myself at a crossroad. Of course I was grateful, but just the previous day I made up my mind to take the calculated risk. Now, I had to ask myself, Marie, what do you want to do? I had no answer, so I turn to the One who knows exactly what I should do. So that's what I'm doing, following His instructions. Although it feels like I'm pushing my dreams further back, I trust in His timing and know that wherever He's taking me I'll get there at the exact time I need to be there. Trust and believe that. 

Although we know that God has a plan for each of us, many times we forget to sincerely check-in with Him about that plan. God wants us to reach beyond our potential to go to that place that we don't dare dream of. He can take us there, don't for one second think you've missed your opportunity or that it might be too late. Turn your focus on Him and get to know Him on a deep and intimate level. Whatever questions you have, He'll answer. Having a real relationship with Him allows us to discern His will for our life and to follow His instructions. So if ever you feel like you're at a crossroad call on Him first. 

That fire that you've got in your soul will not be contained. Allow God to instruct you on which way you should go, because only He can guide and counsel you to release that passion that's searing in your soul.  Let His will be done.