One of the things, really the only thing, I've been consistently great at is being inconsistent and undisciplined towards achieving my goals.  I'm sure I'm not the only one and a cursory search would produce enough evidence of this. Yet with renewed energy I again reboot and try over. Like most, I start off the year with a set of goals and expectations. I've learned over the years to write SMART goals. You know the ones that are set with small action steps along the way, accountability partners, and are temporally sensitive. Yes, we've all probably had those goals. It's truly a great way to set and pursue personal goals.

The problem isn't in the writing or the goals themselves, but my personal commitment to consistently follow the plan I've laid out for my success.

So along with the goals I've set for myself this year I want to focus on cultivating a foundation for creating an amazing life. And it begins by being discipline and consistent. There's a great quote I've had with me for some years that says "the future is with the disciplined, for without it the other gifts, however great, will never reach their maximum potential. Only the disciplined person will raise to his highest powers, he is able to lead because he has conquered himself." And that's a truth I absolutely subscribe to. We're all capable of so much greatness, not only during the year, but in our lifetime. All we need is greater discipline to consistently pursue our calling. When we commit to living a life of discipline and consistency beautiful and incredible things will happen. So how can we cultivate these values:

        1. Recognize we have a finite time

Our time here is wrought with uncertainty. Yet, each day we get up and live. So this year why not commit to living a life align to your dreams. When we actively pursue life knowing it's filled with unknowns we're far more likely to reach for the things we want more in life. We're more likely to live loving and caring. One day this will end, that's not a morbid thought just a fact. If we think a bit more with the end in mind we will spend our time doing the things that matter most to us. Let that be our mindset this year. Live infinitely better on finite time.

        2. Live a value-based life

What do you care about? Commit your life to those things. It's not easy, but when we know our values we're better able to be consistent and discipline in seeking and living a life that reflects them. Take a look at your goals and your vision as they're usually an indicator of your values. Reflect on them. Make sure you're in pursuit of these goals for the right reasons. Not because someone says you couldn't do it or make it. Chase after the dreams that your soul yearns to achieve. When you do that it's far easier to be consistent and discipline in your pursuit. More, those are the goals that are genuinely more satisfying to achieve.

        3. Live consciously and deliberately

Anything worth achieving requires immense effort. And no effort is greater than living mindfully in this busy and distracting world. But that's exactly what we must do everyday to get to where we want to go. When we approach life with an examined eye we begin to truly connect on a spiritual level with what we're meant to do with this one life we're given. To be discipline and consistent in this life requires that we are conscious about the decisions we make and deliberate about our choices. And that exactly what we must be in order to conquer our goals and live our dreams. And there's nothing more wonderful than actively living a life in alignment with our soul.

So this year I pray we live a disciplined life. A life dedicated to consistently doing the things that bring us greater love, joy, and peace. This is no easy feat and I'm only beginning to get a grasp on it. But it is a worthy journey to begin. One that'll surely transform our life for the best.

Yours Always & Faithfully,