I've been practicing daily gratitude consistently for the past two years. And everything you've read about the power of gratitude is real. I can attest to this. As I've shared in the previous posts, this is a challenge season for my family and I. But there's always lessons to learn in the midst of storms. Reflecting on this has been sort of a therapy for me in many ways. So has keeping and looking back on my gratitude list. And today I thought I'd share some things that have brought me joy this past week.

    First, this blog post, from my favorite blogger, which prompted and completely inspired my posting.

    1. Today was a big win for my family. We're finally moving to a new home. So much joy and relief.  Keep us in your prayers.
    2. My nieces. I've been hanging out with two of my nieces this past week before they returned to school and that has been pure fun.
    3. The beach. I'm not a swimmer, but I love me some ocean time and even spied some sea creatures (manta rays!) while floating.
    4. My best friend. She's always so encouraging. And I'm super proud of her for pushing through her fears to get to her goals. She's a complete inspiration!
    5. Walks. Just little strolls at sunset through the park. A little breeze and a lot of freshness.
    6. Books. Picked up two beautiful books from the library and currently reading two more that have truly been eye-opening.
    7. My pencil case. Random. But it's always here and has everything I need. That makes me happy. 
    8. Listening. To others and nature. I'm now completely at ease, possible loving, the sound of lizards moving through fallen leaves.
    9. Binge watching silly shows and movies on Netflix while cackling our life away.

    I like this. And it was necessary. Honestly, writing a gratitude list is beautiful, but looking over it, especially during tough times can bring so much peace and joy. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading that. This might be a reoccurring feature. We shall see.