It's Friday night. The August heat is strong. But there's a coolness in the night air.  As if the wind is whispering promises of a calming autumn. I've been pondering how to write this post for some months now. I'm not sure if this is it, but I do know that it must be shared.

So here’s my best attempt. I pray the Holy Spirit writes with me. With that said, this post, will hopefully be brief.

Today I feel like I am at a well in the wilderness. The past month I was in a wresting match. Previously I was unwillingly marching away from all I'd know. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me start with today.

Today is Friday. It was a good week. I applied to one job and had one interview. It's now been a full 2 months since I've had a job. In that time span I've applied to over 50 positions. I've had 3 interviews. Finances aside for now, it's heart wrenching.

But today I am at a well. I'm content. I've come to accept this extended dry season wandering this wilderness.

So at this metaphoric well I want to take a moment to share just a little bit of my story.

I'm the only girl of 8 children between my mom and dad. I've always been the house manager. The one who was definitely going to make it and elevate the family to a better socio-economic level.

When we immigrated to this country I was just 11 years old and that dream was more real than the journey it took to get to America.

When I graduated with my Bachelors the dream felt moments away from being realized. When I got my Masters the dream was palatable.

Today I'm at a well. It's been four years since I walked across the stage.

My family is scattered from recently losing our home. Due to legal complications one of my brothers is in ICE custody. And I can't get a job at the mall.

This is my deliverance story. I'm writing it in this wilderness. Before the delivery.

There's an easy breeze by this well. As if the wind is whispering promises to my soul.

How will it go? I sure don't know. But at this well, I'm drinking living water and eating manna.

Enough for this moment. Enough for this day.

This is my writing in the wilderness.