It's Sunday evening. I'm about to bake some breakfast muffins for the week. I just finished roasting some potatoes coated with garlic and onion and herbs de Provence. Then I roasted some brussels sprouts for the first time, which was very successful and surprisingly easy. But right at this moment I'm listening to Bethel's Goodness of God and writing at my dining table. This is a moment that was only a dream for me for so long. It's now been just over a month since I've been living in my cozy sanctuary all on my own for the first time in my life. Honestly, His goodness is really running after me. It doesn't feel like it all the time, but moments like this remind me that God is forever and always faithful.  

This will be my first post in almost a year. So much has happen that I will share as I get back into posting. Today, I'm sharing some of my favorite moments since that post. Every time I look back at God's grace, especially when I feel hopeless in a wilderness season, I'm left speechless and in tears. This is what drove me back to the blog, to share His crazy, wild, amazing love. He loves me as He finds me, but His love is too good to leave me there (you can probably figure out what song I'm listening to now lol).  Let's get back into it. 

September 2018 

Starting and ending the month at my favorite beach with the people I love the most.  

October 2018 

Becoming a US Citizen!!! I'm American now!  

November 2018 

Getting a part-time job after 5 months of being unemployed. There will be more about this. That season was the most difficult one of my life, but my God is faithful. It was the darkest moment in my life, but also the most fruitful. God is good.  

December 2018 

After 5 months of unemployment and a month with a part time. I got over 5 job interviews, 3 in one day, and a job offer from the job I wanted the most! Won't He do it!!!  This is me celebrating with a bouquet of flowers :)

January 2019 

Starting the new year with a new job, the best one yet 

February 2019 

This is not easy to share, because it can be easily misinterpreted. I do share it because it is my saving grace. The past year was undoubtedly the hardest of my life. And the ONLY reason I stood firm, though I faltered along the way, is through the grace of the Holy Spirit that plugged me into the Word every single day. It was not my doing, trust me, it was the Spirit of God. The Word of God was and will always be my source of light during those dark moments. Reading His Word daily changes EVERYTHING. 

March 2019 

Life slowing down and letting me breathe for a second.  

April 2019 

God is so good.  

May 2019 

Taking my momma to watch the Lion King. She fell asleep, but was appreciative 

June 2019 

Seeing the Smoky Mountains. 

July 2019 

Moving into my apartment! I was waiting for it to be available since January and the timing was God's grace!  

August 2019 

Creating a home.  

There's so much more to come on this adventure, as you've no doubt experience in your own life. I hope I can be a bit more faithful and consistent here on the blog. God's been urging me to continue it and I want to be a faithful servant. So pray for me. The future, as always, is uncertain, but therein lies the adventure.  

Thank you for reading.