Hello Loves, 

Well, we've made it to February and I for one feel like we'll have a better more beautiful month.  We have one extra day to make the most of this leap year and I'm praying that I'm as productive as I were in January sans the stress. There's many things I'm looking forward to this month, but most of all I'm hoping to follow through with the plans I've set for the month. I'm great at setting goals, but I find myself procrastinating over the things that are most important. Over the weekend I took the time to reflect in writing what worked and didn't work in January. A practice I strongly recommend. A common theme was a lack of follow-through. I get easily distracted by my phone, TV, or lack of sleep. I hope this month I can have more discipline. It's really about taking it one day at a time. This month here's where I'm putting my energy:  

Mere Christianity 
The Bluest Eyes 

Gift to the Sea 
A Knock at Midnight 

A Balcony Sanctuary 

Holy Spirit, Lord, bless this month of February with abundant love. Love for ourselves, for our family, friends, community, and this country. Thank you for the blessings you've planned for us this month. Amen.