Hey Love, 

We're more than half way through May and I'm finally writing a post. That's a sure sign of how this month is developing for me. I think I mentioned in my last post how May has been a transitory month for me over the past handful of years; seems that will be the case this year as well. I feel like I'm on a moving platform; instability and uncertainty abounding. When a lack of control envelopes my life I tend to get paralyze and inaction takes over. I've expressed this sentiment to friends and listen to a few sermons that reminded me that this process, or lack of process, is inevitable and normal. So I've gathered the courage to push forward and write this post that is well overdue. I suppose overdue is better than never done. So if your month, this swiftly moving May, is similar to mines, I hope this post gives you the courage to do that thing you've been putting off. It's not too late. Here are some of what I've been doing and will hopefully complete this month:  

My favorite fiction genre is epic fantasy, think Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. Or if Harry Potter had more world building and was a few hundred pages longer. Oathbringer is the third book of a series that I started back in 2017. Although I don't remember the exact plot I do remember loving it and the writing. I probably won't finish this book in May, but I do want to get started. Now, I'm not recommending this unless you love this genre, because this book is over 1200 pages.  

Simply Living Well 
Here's a book I will recommend on Zero-Waste living. This concept is new to me, but a friend recommended the book as a great start for beginners. The concept of zero-waste goes beyond recycling, which has many limitations. It follows the 5, instead of 3, Rs: refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, and rot (compost). I'm really looking forward to this book. 

Relationship Goals 
Whom among us cannot use relationship advise? Everybody, regardless of relationship status, can be a better partner.  

Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am 
A friend made me aware of this and I started it but haven't finished. I am ashamed. It a slower more melodic documentary, very aligned with Ms. Morrison's tone. This is one I promise myself to watch this month. Catch it on Hulu.  

The Great 
A new series from Hulu. Maybe watch the trailer before, but I love it so far. I'm very biased because I love period pieces; and this one is a comedy and it's just well done.  

The Lovebirds 
Finally this is coming out. All you need to know is that it stars Issa Rae. If you need more, Kumail Nanjiani, who is super funny. Watch some of his content on YouTube, you won't regret it. This is gonna be so good.  

The Dating Manifesto 
I've actually finished this one. It wasn't easy. But as a dating Christian women I thought it was necessary to listen to some of the less "worldly" aspects of dating. This book wasn't groundbreaking, more foundation setting, which I believe is definitely more important.  
Women Evolve 
If you haven't caught an episode of Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts podcast, please stop reading and go listen. It's a girl chat about all things life and culture. I absolutely love her.  

Another great podcast, this one is newer. I started following Ruth Simons when she released her first book in 2017, GraceLaced (beautiful book BTW). This podcast is with her husband; they discuss parenthood and Christian living and it's under 30mins (big plus).  


Meal Plan 
I started back at work last week. The week before that it dawned on me that I should've put more effort during the quarantine to meal plan. So I kinda started doing just that. It's a little rough trying to figure out the flow of when to cook, what to cook; what's going to last and meet my dietary needs and restrictions. A lot to consider. Hopefully I can iron out the wrinkles in the system and share my findings in a post in the near future.  

Financial Plan 
As with the meal plan and my job ending soon (see previous post), I wanted to hone in on my financial system. I do have a functional system, but it needs an update. So far I've incorporated Excel; I'll share what I'm learning in another post.  

Well, this was a long post. I hope it's offered some inspiration. If you've got any recommendations please do share in the comments. Thanks for reading! 


Father God, thank you for reminding me that perfection is not needed in your kingdom, only faith. Help me to faithfully show up for the remainder of this month and to leave flex space for your work to be done. This I pray in Jesus name. Amen.