Hey Love, 

After a week of moving out of my apartment to a new place I'm ready for some rest. I still have to set up the new place and I know I'll get to it within the upcoming week, but I need a break. So this weekend, the last weekend of June, I'm making pockets of time to rejuvenate my soul before stepping into a new month and a new home. Here's a few things that spark my joy:  

Nature Journaling 

If you've been following me you know how much I enjoy journaling. I've journaled all my life and have been keeping my journals for the past decade. One of my favorite ways to journal is in nature. I love taking my journal to the park, beach, or just under the tree in the backyard. Reflecting surrounded by nature just does something to elevate my senses and put things in the right perspective.  

Botanical Gazing  

This simple practice has had such profound influence on my life it's astounding I didn't recognize the power it held. Botanical gazing is as the name suggest, staring at nature. Often, when I go to the park, I'll walk, have a picnic, or enjoy some light exercise; but, I don't usually just sit and be still in nature. I suggest you try this. You don’t have to necessarily leave your house if you've got a nice view or a backyard. The next time you're around nature, sit still and just look at what's around you, maybe choose a single area, and just be. Notice the plants, the little critters, the air, the sounds, how life is moving. Do this for a handful of minutes. Make it a regular practice.  

Walk with a Friend 

Who doesn't love this. This is naturally a challenge in a pandemic, but if there is someone you've been in regular contact with, take an intentional walk together. Walk in silence, in solidarity, or with a certain topic at heart. Appreciate that person and verbalize your gratitude for them and the opportunity to just walk together.  

Start an herb garden 

Select a single pot and one herb and begin. I often make a big fanfare of starting a project and then never do anything about it. You've probably done the same. So this weekend, let's decide on one herb and one pot. That's it. Do a little research, 15-20mins; buy your pot, soil, and herb. Put it on a sunny spot, nurture it, and watch it grow.  

These simple rejuvenating activities don't take more than a hour and can truly bring so much peace. You can do them at any time. You peace is sacred, treat it as such.