Hey Love, 


Thank you for stopping by. We're really in August. Sis, let that sink in. I'm just so grateful to be here in this moment. With the way our country (US) is going, it's a blessing each day to live a life I love and enjoy. It's nothing grand by the scales of what our popular culture says is a good life; but it is mine and I am always intentional to live it as I please. I recently came across a quote, "A well-lived life is chosen one day at a time". One day at a time. It's a choice and not every adult on this planet gets to choose to live as they wish. I would argue that a disproportionate amount of people don't necessarily have a choice. I don't say that to that to dull the mood, quite the opposite. Living with that realization makes the life I get to choose to life much more remarkable. How am I choosing to live my life, each day? At the end of each day I want to feel like I've done well. I may not have been as productive as I envisioned, but I did well. I lived and loved well today. That's how I want to feel. And choosing to live-well each day means that I will have lived well each week, each month, and each year; yes, even 2020. With that, here's how I plan to live well this August.  


Write a manifesto 

I've actually already done this, so I'm off to a great start. I've taken to writing a monthly manifesto in my journal and I read this every morning. It sets the vibes for the day and reminds me of what energy I want to put within me and around me.  


Read 2 audiobooks 

Girl, audiobooks have been my thing this year. I've listened to over 20!!! I had to go count, I wasn't aware it was even that many! Wow! Okay. Well, I've sure used my quarantine time well. I plan to write a separate post of my favorites.  


Read 2 physical books 

I had to separate this from audiobooks-which I do count as reading-because I have so many books on my TBR and I need and want to read them. I had to go count and I've read 8 physical books so far. Ion like that discrepancy. So 2 books is doable. Hopefully sharing it publicly will motivate me.  


Run 2 times a week 

I've always wanted to be a runner. Okay, maybe not always, but definitely post-college. I wish I was an athlete in high school; but alas I wasn't; trying to be a runner as an adult is proving to be impossible for me. So I've curtailed my goals. This month I simply want to run half-a-mile non-stop. I got up to a quarter of a mile in July so I'm on my way.  


"Swim" in the sea 

I don't know how to swim, YET; so I'll just be waddling in the sea, hopefully making some trips as the sunrise.  


Spend intentional time with my babies and family 

My family has been blessed to add 3 new babies in the past 8 months and I love them babies. This month I want to schedule time to be with them and my family. By making it intentional I don't have to feel a rush to leave to run errands and can be fully present.  


Love on my friends 

I just want to shout-out my friends. They've help me grow so much, both old ones and new ones. I'm blessed to have them. So I want to express my appreciation in ways that I know they'd appreciate. Some of my favorite people in my life celebrate their birthdays this month and I can't wait to celebrate them.  


Start a new job 

Yes! You may have remembered a few post back I mentioned that I was going to be unemployed . It's now been a month and I am hopeful that I'll be starting a new position this month. God is faithful. Pray for me.  


Just by writing out this list I feel like August is already the best month this year, so far. I hope you take the time, it doesn't have to be written, to think about a few things you're looking forward to this month. Let me know in the comments.