Hey Love, 


I had a recent conversation with a good friend about the habits that speak to our souls. Normally when we think of habits, we conjure up images of exercising, eating a balanced meal, and sleeping on time. All of these are of course ones we should pursue, but the conversation leaned towards the more subtle things that we do that gives us a foundation to live our best each day. What came to mind for me are the feminine habits I have embraced my whole life, yet only in recent years conceptualize are essential to my being. This is the topic I want to delve into today: 5 feminine habits to intentional living.  


  1. Well-Kept 

There's nothing quite like looking and feeling put-together. Often, if we look the part, then we're more likely to feel it as well. The habit of dressing well is not so much about being in-style, but more so about embracing our unique style. Whether you prefer a classic and timeless pieces or modern bold colors is not the question. Being polished is about how you carry yourself. That's dressing well, being well-kept, and comporting yourself just as beautifully. Being mindful and intentional with our clothes, makeup, and our attitude is a mark of a woman who cares for herself.  


  1. Dating Myself 

There's something about a weekday date with just me, myself, and I that I find absolutely uplifting for my soul. This does not need to be a fancy outing, a stroll in the park is just as invigorating as a lunch date with myself. Pre-COVID I enjoyed weekdays at the museum, leisurely perusing my favorite shops, reading a book by the sea, and of course sitting at my favorite café and enjoying me. Some of these I can still enjoy and I'm also finding new adventures to embrace.  


  1. Living Graciously  

Beauty truly originates from the inside. We've all no doubt come across someone who was beautiful,  yet had a rotten personality.  No human is perfect, but we should all try to live with grace and extend it always to others. The feminine woman is a woman of both style and character. Living graciously stems from our character. It's living mindfully and intentionally. It's about being good to ourself and to others. Our goal isn't to be perfect, but to simply be our best at a given moment.  


  1. Maintaining My Standards  

We're all living by a certain set of standards,  whether intentionally or subconsciously. These standards determine how we treat ourself and how others treat us. Our standards stem from our personal and life values. Many times we live without thinking about what those values are and therefore we live without intentionality. Knowing our values and living them out is how we begin to set standards that align with the woman we're daily becoming. Take time to search out what you value in your life. Are you making decisions based on those values? Are you treating yourself in accordance to those values? Are others treating you in accordance to those values? These questions will lead to more discovery and certainly more work; but it's meaningful work that lead to meaningful living. 


  1. Living in a Sanctuary  

This pandemic has certainly made us all reexamine our physical space. If you enjoy this reading this blog then I'm pretty sure you're someone who puts effort into making your physical space into your personal sanctuary. I love thinking of my home/apartment as my sanctuary. For many of us it's the place we spend most of our time. It's important that we create an environment that we can thrive in. A feminine woman knows that her space is an extension of her being.  We need to be intentional about what we have in our sanctuaries.  More than just the furniture and decor pieces we have in our space, our sanctuary is also about the vibes that is exuded. It should be a place that radiates love, joy, and peace.  


A feminine woman is a woman who is intentional about the choices she makes.  The way we express our femininity will be unique to each of us. Being feminine is about being the best woman you can be and embracing the authentic you while simultaneously becoming a better you.  


Let me know what you think of these habits and of other feminine habits you practice.