Hi Love, 


It's half past 8 on this late July evening as I write this post. I have my windows open while the rain cools this humid day. The birds are happy about it and so am I. I especially love how bright it still is at this late hour; one of the daily gifts of summer. Mindfully taking in this beautiful moment. Breathing it in and appreciating it out. Meditation is something we can practice anywhere. My favorite time is early in the morning right after my morning prayers. I love a short guided meditation that gets my day started on the right path. And as a practitioner for over a decade, I can attest to the immense benefits of a few mindful moments in the morning. I simply do 5-10 minutes each morning and that nourishes my soul and awakens my mind. The power of mindful breathing is just astounding! In this post, I'm sharing 3 of my favorite short morning mediations. I use the free app and website, Insight Timer, that has an endless array of options. Let me know what you think in the comments- all meditations linked.  



5-Minute Morning Intention Setting – Liza Colpa (5 mins) 

For a good chunk of last year I listened to Liza guide me through the start of my day EVERY single morning. This meditation combines wonderful breathwork, body scan, gratitude practice, visualization, and intention setting -  all in 5 minutes! My go-to always.  


Christian Morning Prayer - Vanessa Michele (5 mins)  

Who does not love starting the day with Prayer! Vanessa guides us through Numbers 6:24-26 (The Blessing) scripture. It's a very centering an humbling prayer that always fills me with gratitude for the life I live and the love I get to give.  


Today Is A New Day – Emmy Ray (4 mins)  

A short and beautiful reminder to let go of yesterday and visualize a new today. Through calming music and breathwork we breathe in the here and now- the opportunity that the new day brings.  


I hope you'll try these meditations and explore others on the app. Let me know which is your fav.