There are days when you’d rather snuggle under a comfy duvet cover than surface to meet the daily demands of the day.  These are usually the days when all I want to wear are sleepwear: silks, cottons, and comforting clothes.  But for many of us the demand of life cannot be easily ignored so we’ve got to put on our best suit and combat the day.  When these days come, regardless of the season, I have a sorta kinda guide that I use to keep me chic, but comfortable. I call this style chic comfort for the feeling I like to get during that day.

Now, I love style, fashion, and getting dolled up, but I’m not one to give rules or doctrines as to what’s in and what’s out.  I have a strong belief, despite its triteness, that style is truly what you make it. So be you, because everyone else is taken. So today I’d like to share a few guidelines I use to dress chic and comfortable when I’m feeling anything but chic or comfortable.