Darling, let's have a chat...

How do you imagine your life? What do your mornings look like? How do you spend your days? Where are you eating? Who’s at your table? What’s the conversation like? 

In what ways do your current life resemble your ideal life? Is there anything missing? This is one of my favorite activities to do and I’m certain you’ve probably done it before as well.  What I love most about picturing my ideal life is that it always helps me get back on track when life has gone off the rails.  

It’s these off rail moments that propel me forward once I’ve done the necessary introspection. This self-examination always reveal a lack of discipline to be the root source of my shortcomings.  


Like many of you I’m terrific at planning.  I have a monthly set of goals and projects that are broken down to weekly and daily to-dos.  I set seasonal and annual goals that I revisit almost bi-weekly.  But for all my planning I cannot seem to get to where I want to be.  Maybe, just maybe (probably), I’m a mild (extreme) perfectionist.  I like to be perfectly consistent always. 

That’s impossible, I know, but I still behave as if it’s not. Please tell me am not alone. So what do we perfectionist need to do to break away and start really living? 

I think progress lies in moments.  Meaning we focus our energy to get whatever it is done in the moment, the right at this moment, moment.  It’s like editor/blogger Lara Casey is always saying “Done is better than perfect”.  


So as I gear up for 2015 my planning and life mantra is gonna be just that: Done is better than perfect. I don’t want to wait until the moment is right. I’m gonna do what I gotta do right here, right now. Leggo go!