This is the day. The final day of 2014. Each year this day comes and so many of us are filled with varying emotions about how the ending year went and what the new year will bring. If you haven't already I recommend taking a few moments to look back on this year. How'd you feel about it? Your immediate reaction speaks the loudest. Here are some other questions to consider:

  1. ​What are your top accomplishments?
  2. What were some memorable moments?
  3. What were the places you loved the most?
Now with a bit of reflection done, let's get going to the next year. The previous two post cover the basics of planning your goals strategically, writing a personal vision statement and mission statement. Today we take a look at transforming those goals into action. There are a few ways this can be done, one way which we'll be discussing today is SMART-ing your goals. 

Here's what the acronym normally stands for:
S: Specific  
M: Measurable
A: Action-Oriented 
R: Realistic 
T:  Time-Oriented 

Today we'll be changing it a bit. I adapted this from the meaning above, but I found that this definition makes more sense and allows me to truly get to the details of my goals and delineates the steps much more clearly. 

Here's what the acronym stands for on this blog:
S: Significance
M: Measurable 
A: Attainable
R: Relevance
T: Time-Focus 

To make this process even easier I created this table of questions that will guide you through the process: 

Feel free to adapt this to your life and make any necessary modifications. Here's one of my 2015 goals and how I made it SMART. 

I'd like to know how you're SMARTing your goals. Share below. 

Until 2015. Stay simply chic! 


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