Welcome to the New Year! Last Year (last week) we set our goals and today I'm writing about one of the most difficult barriers that keeps us from accomplishing our goals: motivation throughout the process. It's not that you've lost interest in said goals or have forgotten about them, but life's demands sometimes, most times, shuffles our priorities. So what must a girl do to stay on top of her dreams to get them done?  Today I'm sharing 4 resources that I'll be using to keep my 2015 goals priority throughout the year. 

Personal Planner

The first and essential tool is my daily planner. This year I'm using Whitney English's Day Designer. What I love most about this planner is that it's a daily planner, meaning each day has its own page and daily layout. This allows me to schedule my activities by the hour.  I make sure to do one thing each day, no matter the magnitude, that brings me one step closer to my goal. 

Quite Women Co. and She Reads Truth App

I'm completely in love with these two resources. The Quite Women Co. and the She Reads Truth App are just the most amazing things that make making time with God more accessible. The Quite Women Co. has a monthly devotional calendar of scriptures and music that's guided by weekly themes and the She Reads Truth app has a Bible reading plan that allows one to read God's Word in one year. Bonus, both tools are free. How amazing is that? 

Kimberly Wilson is the first blogger I ever followed and she is still one of my favorites. She does a ton, a ton, a ton, of amazing things and this year (today!) she's launching her FREE 52 Weeks of Tranquility program that will send weekly inspiration to you inbox to keep you inspired for the year.  Trust me you'll love what she has to offer. 

Accountability Partner

Lastly, one needs a friend along on this journey. So grab your closest  girlfriend(s) for brunch, lunch, or a girls call and discuss how you ladies can keep each other motivated as a group and establish check-in points to see how the other is doing on their goals throughout the year. 

So that's it beauties. I'd love to know what else you've got planned to keep your goals front and center, please share in the comments below. 

Stay simply chic.