I love mornings. Calm, renewing, and hopeful. The morning stillness is something I cherish and bask in. I love moving slow and leisurely in the morning. Just having an extra 5 minutes in the bed to lounge and stretch sets the tone of my day before I even step out of the bed. So today I want to share how I make the most of my mornings to carpe diem. 

Having a great morning starts by having a good night.  Sleeping on a regular and healthy schedule and prepping for tomorrow's adventures are vital to creating a calm morning.  We've all heard the wonders of sleep and here's a recent research if you need a reminder. As for prepping, everyone is different. My prep is just looking over my planner and making sure I've packed everything I need for the next day. Most of my prep happens Sunday evenings when I plan my work, school, personal, meals, and just about everything for the week. 

The other great thing that helps create a serene morning is having a morning routine. A routine allows you to get the most out of your time while doing what matters to you.  Take this moment to imagine your perfect morning. What time do you get up? How are you feeling, physically, spiritually, and emotionally? What's your first thought? What's your first priority? These questions start the process of cultivating a lovely morning.  So to get you going I'm sharing my current morning ritual that I follow almost all morning, of course like anyone I have days that just kinda do their own thing.  

My Morning Ritual:

  • Once I'm up and awake I take a moment to pray and thank Jesus for the new day. 
  • I spend a handful of minutes doing nothing, thinking nothings really, stretching, and sometimes enjoying the sun warming my skin. 
  • Once I'm off the bed I spend a few seconds to make it. It is very important to me to have a well made bed. 
  • Then I immediately head over to my office/creative room where I sit in my comfy chair and have my morning meeting with God. This is done in my journal. I write to Him about any and everything and He helps me process it.  
  • Then I read my Bible, I'm doing the SheReadTruth Bible in a Year plan. I love the way they've created this plan. 
  • Then I have a mindful movement time. This is basic vinyasa yoga followed by 3 minutes or more of meditation. I'm currently using the Calm app for this. This helps a lot since I don't live alone and my home can get pretty loud early. 
  • Then I shower, eat breakfast, and get dress for the day. And that's pretty much it. 

So I hope that you'll curate a morning that's reflective of you and the life you desire. And remember there are different seasons in our life and adjustments will be necessary. 

With Love,

p.s Here's a great book to help make the most of your morning.