There's a special feeling that overtakes my body when I step into my house from work. I immediately take a deep breath and release the day's work.  I'm blessed with a great job that I love, but there's no place like home.  It feels so good to be home.  But once I've stepped inside so many things I need to do cross my mind. So to gain control of this critical transition time I've instilled a simple routine that helps me wind down and smooth into doing some productive work.

The first thing I do is thank God for the day with a prayer. Then I put my keys in their right place (I have a not so good memory so habits are vital to me). Then I go straight to my office area and I unpack my tote bag, removing my laptop, planner, and the current book I'm reading. I place these items on my office desk. Then I head over to my closet and change. Pretty standard so far. My routine really starts after I get comfy. I might grab a snack depending on how I'm feeling.

  1. The first thing I do is settle in my favorite chair with my favorite lifestyle book Choosing the Simply Luxurious Life.  I read a small section and that gets me in the right state of mind which is feeling inspired and motivated. Awesome book.
  2. Depending on my evening schedule I may catch up on ONE of my favorite shows or watch a clip from Hulu or a YouTube video. The purpose of this is to relax my mind and just enjoy something fun. 
  3. Then, I read an article or a small section of Porter magazine. This magazine is probably my favorite because the articles are very interesting and not that superficial fluff that permeates other fashion magazines.
  4. Lastly, I read a chapter or a small section of my current book. Once I start on my evening schedule (studying mostly) I take breaks and read more of the book.

And that's all. I keep it very light and fun which is what I love. Having a routine in place for this transition time has helped me to do more of what I love (reading and watching shows) without overdoing it and procrastinating.  I hope this helped or inspired you.

If you also have an 'off-work' routine please do share in the comments below, I love being inspired.

With love,