I want to post something really fun this week so today I'm sharing my favorite beauty items. Later on in the week I'll be sharing favorite items from my make-up collection so stay tuned for that. I don't classify myself as a product junkie simply because I love to actually use the products I purchase. I find that, naturally, if I have too many of one thing I, of course, won't be able to use them all. So whenever I get a strong urge to purchase that new beauty balm or facial mist I remind myself that I love the one I currently have.  The best thing about my collection is that almost all the items can be purchased at a drug store! Let's get started.

This lotion is really moisturizing without being heavy or oily. It adds just the right amount of softness to the skin. And it's soothing. 

Before I put on lotion I first mist this oil all over my body. It's just a sweet treat for my skin. No, it isn't necessary, but a great indulgence that just adds the right feel (and amazing scent) to my skin. I adore this. I've also tried the Shea Moisture Oil mist. 


Hand/Travel Lotion: EOS Hand Lotion

I like having a hand lotion near by at all times because I hate the feeling of dry hands. And the EOS lotions are just pretty, the right size, and affordable.  

I have two favorites and both are equally amazing. I love the Cetaphil for the SPH and I'm sure you've heard the many praises for this line. And the CeraVe is incredibly moisturizing because of the hyaluronic acid. 


Best face wash I've ever used! Bold statement, I know. But I've been using this cleanser for nearly two years now and it has just done wonders for my hyper-pigmentation and oiliness. It's a simple, but effective cleanser. And affordable so you can easily give it a try. 

I first tried this after receiving a sample from a Birchbox and have since fallen in love. This scrub goes in tandem with the Boots cleanser to combat dark spots and it is gentle and non-abrasive to the skin. 

Usually I make my own mask (I'll be sharing my favorite this Friday), but when I don't have the time I select between these favorites. 


This is perfect for the days when my skin feels dull but I don't have time to do a mask. It does a great job of awakening the skin.

This thing is my secret weapon against those pesky little pimples and works wonders in 36-48 hours. 

My all time favorite. It smells wonderful and has become a staple in my collection. It's not harsh and gently sloths away about 90% of my make-up.

I love taking care and treating my skin to the best. As you can see from this list, the best can come from the local drug store and you don't have to spend a fortune to get lovely and glowing skin. Taking care of your skin is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. So I hope you enjoyed reading this and if there are any questions please leave ask below in the comment section. 

With love,