Make-up! A fun and wonderful world that I've only recently just entered. Make-up is just the perfect way to complete a look. It's an accessory.  Some like it bold and daring, others, like myself, prefer a more subtle approach. Whatever you prefer it is important to just have fun with it!  Today I'm sharing my growing collection. I honestly got into make-up maybe in 2013 and I love putting it on. I don't think I can ever get dressed for a day out and not have make-up on. It really adds to my look and makes it complete. Make-up pulls it all together. Mines isn't anything heavy, as you'll see, but still fun.  Let's look at the list. 

I know, weird way to start the list. But I promise you this thing is AMAZING! It's just as good as the leading department brands and I've been using it for almost 2 years. I don't apply primer as much as I used to, but for long days when I need my make-up to stay put I use this and it delivers. 

Tinted Moisturizer: elf Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20

Easily my most used face product. Great coverage that gives smooth dewy skin. This is a true steal.

Solid. Best way to describe this product. Not a lot of coverage, but good enough for days I don't want or need too much, just a touch.  And the lasting power is pretty good.

My secret weapon! This is truthfully the only face product I need for an effortless and flawless look.  I save this for special days/events when I just want to WOW! And I have noticed a reduction in my dark-spots.

I don't usually put on foundation, but when I do I use Bare Minerals and I'm always happy that I did. I glow in this thing. It just softens my face and gives me a beautiful airbrush finish.

This blush is just beautiful. It gives a nice color pop to my cheeks and just makes me look very soft and feminine, a look I love. 

Mascara is something I rotate almost daily. I can't live without it and I'm always trying new ones. My current fav is the Maybelline Stiletto because it extends and multiplies. The fanning effect gives me baby doll lashes and I sometimes just apply this with no other make-up to go to work.

I'm not the greatest at applying eyeliner so I don't do it as often as I want to, but when I do I LOVE this one. The grey color makes my eyes pop right out when applied in the inner eye lids. The color is more of a steel shiny metallic.  

This is my stable nude lipstick. Everyday any day. It's beautiful and very complementing. It's also excellent for layering other colors. 

This mauve-y color complements all skin tones and is excellent for a mid-day touch ups. It has a thick consistency that makes my lips more plump-y.

There you have it. As is evident this is a very much growing collection and I would love for you to share some of your favorite products as I am looking to add more to the repertoire.  I look forward to your suggestions.

With love,