This was a healthy week for me. By healthy I mean it was filled with a balance of good and not so good moments. The best part of my week has got to be when I had the opportunity to catch up with a good friend of mine and just talk. That was really nice. It's always so nice to have good conversations with good people. My impromptu beach trip to start off the week is another highlight. I love the beach during the weekdays, less bodies, more peace. The not so good part of the week comes from a heated discussion with a co-worker. It wasn't anything serious, but I despise any form of conflict. I always feel terrible and that it's completely my fault. When I logically examined the situation and discussed it with my best friend I realize what I probably already knew, that I shouldn't sweat the issue and just let it go. But I'm still feeling it, it did happen yesterday, but I know it'll all be good by Monday.  Plus a little dispute can be healthy for the soul, I hope. 

​What I'm Loving:
  • My Spotify Playlist 
    • So I created this Chic and French theme playlist, no I don't speak French, but it's been so nice to have it playing on my commute and at home while I work. 
  • Michael Pollan's In Defense of Food 
    • Along with improving my fitness I've been getting more conscious of what I put in my body and I accidentally came across this book and I'm beyond grateful that it's the first "official" thing I'm reading before taking real steps to changing my diet. 
  • Water
    • We've all heard it, drink more water. So here you go, another reminder. I think it's hard to get the required intake,  but I believe getting close to it is good enough. Over the past two weeks I've been more deliberate about getting at least ~80% of the 8 8oz required and it certainly has made a difference in my energy level and overall wellness. 

Weekend Readings:

    What I'm Looking Forward To:
    1. Getting more Sleep
    2. Finishing In Defense of Food
    3. Starting Not That Kind of Girl
    4. Creating a meal plan
    5. Celebrating my mom's birthday 
    What are you planning for this weekend? Whatever it is I hope you have the best at it. 

    ​With great love,