One of the most beautiful things about life is the journey of creating and becoming the who we are meant to be. An important component of this journey is the mastery of our finance. A woman who masters her money is a woman who masters her future. This is the woman who will usher herself into the life she's imagined. I want to be that woman. What about you? 

Good money habits starts with confidence. Financial confidence is about approaching your money and resources with fearlessness. The financially confident woman doesn't cringe when she checks her bank account, because she already know what she going to see. She knows how much debt she has, pays her bills on time, and has a healthy savings account. This is the financial lifestyle we should be all be seeking. We don't have to be working at the dream job to have this confidence. Actually, it's better we develop this confidence and these habits before the big paychecks. 

We all have unique financial situations, but there are foundational habits that we all need to master in order to cultivate a healthy financial life. 

  • ​Believe in Yourself
    • You need to know in your core that you can become financially secure, that you can effectively manage your money. It is this belief in yourself that will carry you through the difficult episodes​ when something out of your control happens, or something within your control. It's important to know that an unfortunate event doesn't define your finance. 
  • Stay Organized
    • Most of us are paperless when it comes to financial documents and this is good thing. But I will advise to have hard copies of the important documents (tax documents, investment accounts, insurance policies, vital account numbers). Staying organized is also about reminding on top of your resources. That is periodically checking into your major accounts (checking, saving, credit, loan). This should be at least weekly or every other week. Almost all banks have phone apps to make it easier. 
  • Spend less than you bring 
    • This is probably my biggest struggle. But it is the root of financial success. If you can create a budget and adhere to it, this will be much easier. But when it comes to spending less and saving more I believe that there needs to be a deep desire and great discipline in order to follow through. Avoiding temptations (mall, online retailer) and setting bans to certain stores or things can help. But you will need to want to do this. Great personal will is necessary.  
  • Save Regularly
    • Save for a rainy day, a trip, or just have a general savings account. I say save about 20% of your income, but some of us can't do that and others can do more. The point is to save what you can, even if it's just one dollar a week for now.  Save and don't touch it until you honestly need it. 
  • Stay educated 
    • Read and read some more. Currently I love this book on financial organization. Becoming financially confident only begins with these basic steps, but true wealth is a journey. As you pursue a better financial future stay updated, invest, and enjoy the journey. Money doesn't have to be scary, instead it should be seen as a key to a better life.
I'm no expert, but I hope that you found these tips to be helpful. Money can be a beautiful thing that helps to open doors to unknow adventures. Live simple and chic. 

With love,