Last week I ran an entire mile for the first time in my life. A whole mile, non-stop. It still blows my mind. Naturally I thought that this week would bring greater success. I was dreaming of an easy 1 mile run to start, followed by a hard earned second mile. But no! I ran three times this week and probably only mustered two-fifths of a mile, non-stop. I was definitely disappointed, but mostly scared. Yes, scared.  Honestly, it doesn't bother me that I didn't reach my goal this week, I was so proud of myself for making three runs. What scares me is the fear that I may never eclipse that 1 mile non-stop run. What if I can't do better? I really want to do better. And as I sat on the ocean shore and reflected on this I came to realize that that's life. We proceed with confidence towards a dream, one day we're soaring and the next we're slumping. It would be too easy to give it all up during the downcast moments and that's why I'll continue to run, because I know that by the summer I'll be running my first 5K. It ain't gonna be easy, but it'll be worth it. 

What I'm Loving:
  • MORE Magazine
    • Their tagline is "For women of style and sustenance" and I agree. I've picked this up twice now and love the content. 
  • Bringing my lunch to work
    • Obvious reasons, save money, but it's more than that. It's creating nutrient-rich meals and enjoying the process. I have an upcoming post on my favorite blogs/apps/books on clean eating, as I've been really delving into this. Can't wait to share the list. 
  • Book: Chill Out & Get Healthy
    • Speaking about clean eating, my current read is not a disappointment. Raupp, the author, really knows her audience. If you're ready to live a more wholesome and well lifestyle I recommend this book. She's forward and direct and it's what I love most about the book. 

Weekend Readings:

What I'm Looking Forward To: 
  • Buying fresh flowers to accent the house
  • Spending Saturday morning at a small local bookstore
  • Reading Amy Poehler's Yes, Please
  • As always, getting in more sleep

I hope you have the best of weekends and continue to push past disappointments. 

With great love,