Ahh. Deep breath in, then out. Calm relaxation. That's the gift I had given myself over the weekend. So many opportunities are borne when the mind is at ease and open to possibilities. And that's how I found myself taking this crazy fun and unexpected photo shoot. With the weather being the loveliest it had been in weeks and a late lunch with my nephew planned, I decided to just stop and take it all in, along with these pictures. 

Details| Top: similar | Jeans: similar | Shoes: similiar| Sunglasses

Some "bloopers & madness" for your enjoyment. 

Mr.Doggy in "technicolor" strolling in. I was ready to pull a Christian Bale on the set of Batman. But he is too cute and precious. 

And then there was this. Thank you, Adonis (my nephew & photographer), for indulging my quirkiness. 

I hope you too are inspired to take in a moment of calm relaxation or fun madness. Ciao, bella. 

With Love,