There are days when all I want to do is crawl under my comfy comforter and wrap myself under its comforting solace. But I gotta get to work and live my life. All while looking presentable. Better yet chic. I think of chic not just as the clothes a person wears, but the aurora around that person. But the good thing is that the clothes you wear can affect the mood you're in. So what should you wear to stay chic when you're feeling anything but chic? It's very simple, just keep your outfit simple. 

Simple and comfortable. The most important thing is to be comfortable. Especially, when you may not be in the best mental or physical mood. Comfort for me is a shirt, jeans, and a pair of flats. I like to wear black as my color of choice for several reasons. One, it flatters almost everyone, it's easy to pair with other colors, it's slimming, and the color just epitomizes chic. If you're going to do an all black look, as I've done here, it's best to wear skinny jeans, or as I have tights. If you work in a professional setting you can wear skinny dress pants, like these here, here, or here. You can also add a blazer to keep the look chic and add a touch, a soft touch, of color. I love this one and this as well. Skinny jeans/tights pair well with an oversize blouse or sweater. A blush pink sweater, like this one, adds a soft feminine edge.  

Finish your look off with flats for better comfort or chunky heels for a more professional look. These ones are great (1, 2). Beige or skin toned shoes keep the look clean. I'd say avoid a bright color shoe simply because it's an old trend. Lastly, the bag, my absolute favorite accessory. The right bag, like this one, or this one, adds the period mark to complete your chic look.

I hope this post inspired you to look your best no matter how you're feeling. Ciao Bella.

With love,