There's something to be said about slowly savoring a simple yet filling meal. My favorite meal to indulge in is breakfast. With a good breakfast I feel I can conquer the day. Treating yourself to a quality breakfast helps to jumpstart the day in the right direction. Even better, a simple and nutritious breakfast that takes little time to prepare or can be premade can make anyone's morning much more smoother. I'm all about that. So today I'm sharing my favorites.

  • There are endless possibilities for a healthy smoothie, just take a look here. But my favorite comes from Deliciously Ella. Her Green Coconut recipe is as healthy as it is yummy. 

  • We have options here as well. Just make sure you purchase whole grain bread or better yet, make your own for the week.
  • Simple Recipes:
    • Avocado & Egg
    • Strawberry & Almond Butter/Honey
    • Cream Cheese and Berries
    • Almond Butter & Bananas sprinkled with chia seeds
    • And a lot more here

  • The old favorite with a twist. Stick to healthy and fibrous brands or go with organic oats. I rotate between almond milk, whole milk, and coconut milk for added benefits. Mix in fresh fruits (berries, banana, apples, even mangoes) to give an added boost.  

Fruit Parfait
  • In a bowl, toast in yogurt, berries, walnuts, oats, chia seeds, flaxseeds, banana, and if you like glaze it all with a bit of raw honey or sprinkle on cinnamon powder and you've got yourself a tasty and whole meal. 

Vegan Muffins
  • This can be made in the morning with time, but I prefer to make a small batch on Sunday afternoons to have for the first part of the week. This ridiculously good treat comes from one of my favorite baking blogs. Just click here to get it. 

With that, I hope you indulge your palate in the mornings and enjoy a healthy and savory breakfast.

BN: For more recipes and original source of the pictures simply click on the images. 

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