Like you, I adore my weekends. More sleep, more food, more fun. Indulging over the weekend is even better after a productive work week. When we take care of our to-dos over the weekday we are better able to enjoy our weekend. Curating a productive weekday is about creating simple rituals that eliminate stress and foster productivity. It first begins by remembering that you can achieve what you've set out to do. How? That's the topic of today's post. 

Productivity is a lifestyle. It's about consciously designing who you are and what you do. Cultivating this lifestyle requires deliberate actions on a daily basis. I know it, sounds like a lot of work. But it's not, I'm all about simple living and finding ways to work smarter not harder. So today I'm sharing 5 steps to curating a productive week.

  1. Plan on Sundays
    • I set a time each Sunday evening to plan the upcoming week. This is the most vital portion of ensuring a productive week. Sunday planning allows me to set my week ahead of time: appointments, events, school work, fitness, meals, you name it. During this planning session I put all my recurring events in and make sure I'm prepared for anything new. I love doing this because the week can easily get busy and I generally don't have time to plan on a daily basis. Doing it once a week simplifies that and allows me to add fun things to my schedule as well. I will be doing a post on the details of my planning on an upcoming post. 
  2. View your daily schedule in the mornings
    • Either the night before or before you walk out, look at what you have planned for your day. Is there anything you need to take with you? Do you need to put notifications on your phone as reminder of a meeting/appointment? This is a very simple and effective way to carpe diem.  
  3. Pick YOUR one thing
    • What's the ONE thing if done will make today a success? Do that thing the most today. It may not all get done, but put the majority of your effort into it.
  4. Set a routine 
    • There are 24 hours in the day. We (should) sleep 8, work about 8, what about the other 8? What are you doing with those? Find out if you don't know. You may be wasting that time just transitioning from one activity to the next. Setting routines help ensure more control over your time. Think about setting a morning routine, one for when you arrive at work/campus, for lunch time, and for once you get home. Doing this liberates you from wasting time thinking about what you should be doing and allows you to actually be doing that thing. 
  5. Work at being YOUR best
    • Do not pursue perfection. Pursue fulfillment which comes from knowing that you gave it your honest best and tomorrow is another day. Be determine to make yourself happy and productive because that's the person you want to be. Take control of your life, for you, because that's what woman like you do. 

And remember that each step forward you take brings you closer to your goal. It may take some time to get a solid productive week and even then there will be weeks that just go astray. In those moments just remember the serenity prayer: 

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

With Love,