There is tremendous strength in patience. A serene connection with the universe. Patience clarifies and rejuvenates when given the time to do so. It breeds self-awareness, tolerance, and is a great display of self-love. Patience is the manifestation of inner peace from a calm and collected individual. Some of us have a natural ability in the art of patience and others, myself included, have accepted that we will be practicing this art for the foreseeable future. Even when we have the best intentions situations can seemingly get out of our control and it is in these moments when we either gonna lose it or display the courage of patience. What can be done in the moment to avoid getting caught in the storm? Here are 7 small ways to display patience.

Scan the Area
  • Look around you. Literally, look around. This will help to distract your mind from what's going on in the moment and help you realize where you are. Is this the best place to have this discussion? Is this how you want to look right now? This might sound a little harsh or superficial, but it works in helping you gain some objectivity. 
Step Back 
  • Take a step back (if you can). The goal here is similar to the above, conscious physical movement helps to briefly take the mind off the situations. This brief break is all you need, most times, to realize that you don't want to go down the path of impatience, it's just not who you really are. 
  • ​Yes, you know this one, and it's here because it works. I find it's best to take a subtle deep breathe. Breathe with the same purpose as the above, to take your mind off the situation, not to make it obvious that you're upset or on edge. Your shoulders don't need to rise and you don't have to make a face to take a calming breath. Instead focus on your breath. Nothing else, just the intake and outtake. 
  • Consciously notice yourself in the situation. ​Are you standing, sitting, driving? Is this something someone like you would entertain? While you're scanning the area, stepping back, or taking a subtle breath, recognize the woman/man that you are. Realize what they would do in this situation. 
It's Not That Serious 
  • Realize it's more than likely not that serious. Are you gonna care in week, month, year? Pick your battles wisely, this probably isn't one.  ​
It's Not Personal
  • Don't take it personal. Even if it was directed towards you, it's probably not about you. ​People go through things and take it out on others, it's not right, but don't let someone else's bad day or a bad character ruin what you've got going on for yourself. It helps me to repeat "It's not personal" in the moment to remind myself that it's not about me. 
Let It Go
  • Life's too beautiful for trifle arguments. ​Don't waste time on something you're not going to remember or care about in a week. There's too much beauty in the world for that. 

BN: If you're struggling to be more patience I would strongly recommend meditation and yoga. These two can lead to true transformation and build great courage that prepares us for those stormy moments.  Have other tools you use to practice patience? Please share in below. 
With Love,