It's always a lovely day when I can take some time on a slow afternoon to just express my creativity. Over the weekend I delved into a chic and uber simple crafternoon where I updated my office space with a gold vase and an inspirational pinboard. I love adding or removing little things here and there, it can make such a difference. With longer and sunnier days I felt a change was needed and so I changed. 

Friday afternoon I stopped by the local thrift store and spotted this gorgeous and vintage tea kettle, so naturally I scooped it up with visions to transform it into a lovely gilded vase. The project was very simple and required one material and small bit of time. I used three coats of paint to achieve this look. I waited 30 minutes between coat, but it should dry in about 10 minutes. I let the vase sit outside overnight to give it a subtle rustic look, that's of course optional. Just don't spray inside the vase, especially if you're going to use it to hold flowers. And that's all. Très chic et simple. 

The second project is even easier. I got this pinboard from Home Goods, too cute to pass up, and was inspired to bring some of my pins from Pinterest to my office space. The key is to have varying sizes and colors. Select quotes, cards, and images of people and things that just make you feel good and happy. This is something that you're going to see each day. You want to make sure that when you see it your spirit is immediately elevated. You can even add a little object as I've done here with the mini Eiffel tower. And volià, you're done. Update it whenever you feel the urge to do so. 

I hope you enjoyed today's post and that it sparked your creativity to make little chic changes around your home or office. Á tout à l'heure. 

With Love,