I'm definitely a productivity junkie. You know the kind, you might be one as well. I'm constantly thinking about how I can be more efficient with my goals, finances, habits, you name it. I'm addicted to productivity apps, articles on Lifehack, Forbes, really anything with the word productivity in the title. And even though very few articles offer anything new, I read nonetheless. Why? Because you just never know. Maybe there's some secret that I've yet to discover that's gonna make my life super efficient and I'll get everything done AND have time to leisurely read the basket of books in the corner. Right? We're all looking for the secret to efficiency. I feel like everywhere I turn there's an article, a book, a podcast on the topic. And I'll always read & download, but deeeeeep down I already know what works for me. When I put it to practice I get things done! First...

Lots of Sleep

Never underestimate the power of proper sleep. I'm always telling my best friend that if I could just get enough sleep I would literally conquer the world, [Insert Evil Laugh]. Honestly though, when I make sleep the priority not only am I caring for my physical well-being, but I'm putting my goals, dreams, and hopes first. It's a win-win situation. I get up earlier, more rested, with prime time to do what it is I need to get done. But this is by far the hardest thing for me to do. But it's completely worth it. 

Proper Planning

This is the poster habit for productivity, as it should be. Having a plan of action eliminates so much anxiety and wasted time. Every Sunday I sit for about 30 minutes and completely map out my week. I make sure to add play time as well as buffer time for when I just completely zone out or a project has to go beyond its allotted time. To make this process easier I have a list of things I have to do on a weekly and daily basis, so when Sunday comes I just pull out the list and add the items to appropriate time slots in my planner. This way I don't have to worry about what I need to get done. 

Follow MY Rules

I have to respect my word. If it's in my planner I need to respect it and get it done. If you say you're gonna do something do it. Simple. You have to respect your boundaries in order to live a life you love. 


Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. I must believe that I can do this. That I will make it. God is for me and I am blessed

A New Day

When I do my best and do what matters I can live without getting through my to do list. Tomorrow will come and I'll be back at it. I don't have to be perfect I just need to keep going. 

These aren't novel concepts, but they always work for me. What do find works well for you? 

With Love,