On May 29th, exactly a month ago, I was given a two month notice by my supervisor. I work on a federal grant so it wasn't a complete surprise as the due date for the project had surpassed. Nonetheless, I was being let go and there's a level of fear and uncertainty that comes along with that news. My immediate reaction was relief and panic. Two emotions that don't usually show up together. I was relieved that three reasons, one, I wasn't fired. I mean getting called into your boss's office randomly for a "talk" is a bit unnerving. Two, I was reaching a point where I was ready for a new environment and a new adventure. I love my job and the people I work with, but I wasn't being challenged or advancing. And lastly, I was given a two months notice as oppose to a two weeks, big difference in terms of prepping financially for being unemployed. 

I'm sure you can imagined where my panic originated from: uncertainty. Although I knew I wanted to leave I hadn't put much thought into what I was going to do next. Having monthly bills and other financial responsibility really sent my panic to overdrive. My mind immediately went to worse-case scenario, I imagined all the horrors of what would happen to my life, really dramatic stuff people. While calmly freaking out when my boss was giving me the news I knew very well that all would be well. I felt that I should cry and freakout, but I couldn't. I just couldn't. Right at my side through the whole thing was the Holy Spirit. There was a deep calm in my soul. I knew a new adventure, an adventure I was praying and still praying for was awaiting me. 

What's this new adventure? I honestly don't know. But I do know that I'm already on the journey. What I know for sure is that it's going to my most adventurous yet. And as the Hillsong lyrics above remind me that I've been through uncertain times before and as before God will be with me. A journey takes on a new perspective when God is involved. His presence gives me the strength to propel forward and knowing He's there makes me feel more secure in my decisions. It brings to mind David's song of praise "It is God who arms me with strength and keeps my way secure."

With strength and security I will trek this unknown path, pave a new road, and brace for a new frontier. Leggo! 

With Love,