Over the weekend I repurchased a few of my favorite natural skincare products and I couldn't help but share what I got with you. I also want to share the brands I love and those I have on my wishlist. I'm so happy that the beauty industry, as I'm sure you are as well, is taking a more holistic approach to the products they produce. Most of the brands I use are accessible and inexpensive, there are a few on the pricer end that I think are worth the investment. I choose the word 'natural' as opposed to 'organic' because it's a bit more inclusive. However, I'll also be sharing some great shops that allow you to search for brands and products based on the varying terms and certifications. As a beginner myself I'm also linking a few blogs I follow that can provide more in-depth information than I currently can. Let's look at the list.

Brands I've Tried & Love
  • Botanics
    • This UK based brand is very affordable and accessible in stores. Although not technically natural, they do have a natural approach to all their products. The price point is great for anyone looking to move to more natural beauty products. Can be purchased at Target. 
  • Acure
    • USDA certified organic, affordable, and accessible in stores. Acure is made with mostly organic and natural ingredients and is one of the best brands for beginners who are price conscious.  Can be purchased at Target and Whole Foods. 
  • One Love Organics 
    • All organic and ECOCERT, meaning it has higher standards to meet and is closely monitored. Definitely on the pricer side, but the products are amazing and completely natural. Can be purchased at Anthropologie. 
  • Balm Balm
    • Also all natural and affordable, this company makes amazing oils and great traveling products. Not as accessible, but you can find certain products in selected Anthropologie. 
  • S.W Basics
    • Developed by blogger and author Adina Grigore, this brand is all organic with a big emphasis on simplicity. A lot of their products are made with less than 5 ingredients! The price is about mid-range, but you are getting a great product. It's also now available in Target.  
  • Shea Moisture
    • Although more hair than skincare, Shea Moisture is nonetheless a great option for the price conscious beginner. Their skincare products aren't as natural as their hair products, but I'm hoping that changes. Still a great brand to try. Can be purchased at Target. 
  • NOW Solutions
    • Well known in natural beauty on Amazon. That's how I discovered this brand of natural and affordable products. They have a variety of oils and are worth checking out. 

My Staple Products

  • Botanics All Bright Cleansing Foam Wash
    • This is the only face wash I've purchased for over a year! The product junkie in me has attempted to stray away and try new products, but I always return to this one. It does what it says, cleans and brightens. You'll notice my list has a lot of brightening products and they work very well to even-out my skin tone and get rid of hyperpigmented spots from breakouts. This wash is the foundation for everything I do on my face. And I love that I can get it for under $10 at Target. 
  • Botanics All Bright Micellar Cleansing Solution
    • This is the only thing I use to wipe my face down once I get home and to take off my makeup.  It's not harsh and works to even-out the skin. It's very pleasant on the skin and leaves a fresh feel.  
  • Botanics All Bright Hydrating Day Cream
    • Works great in tandem with the above products to clarify and even-out the skin. It's a great introductory brightening moisturizer, currently love it, but my eyes are straying. 
  • Acure Organics Brightening Facial Scrub
    • The only face scrub I use on my sensitive skin. I use it once a week and on days when my skin feels/looks a bit dull. Smells amazing and leaves my skin very soft. Applying the product is like using a gentle scrub to remove excess and dead skin. Absolutely love this. 
  • One Love Organics Skin Savior
    • I primarily use this on my hair/scalp, which loves this thing. My hair is always in need of more moisture and this does an excellent job. It's great during the dry winter months for extra moisture. 
  • Balm Balm Frankincense Light Facial Oil
    • My skin is not very receptive to facial oils, except this one. I apply this at night and my skin just soaks it in. It feels luxurious and smells wonderful. Completely organic with jojoba oil, rosehip oil, evening primrose, and the frankincense oil, which clarifies and leaves the skin more supple. I purchased this from feelunique.com, based in the UK.

I'm so happy to have shared this with you all. I hope you've gotten something from this post and I will be updating in the future as my collection and expertise develops. If you're using some of these products or other natural ones I would LOVE to hear what you think and any advice/suggestions you have. Thank you so much for stopping by.

À tout à l'heure,