This week has been a breath of fresh summery air! This was doubtless one of my best weeks of the year so far, and I don't say that lightly. I knew months in advance that this week was coming and I, along with friends and family, predicted an anxious and frightened affair. I had originally scheduled THREE entrance exams that were each at least FOUR hours long, all to be taken this week. Yeah, you read that correctly, 3 four hours exams in one week. Trust me, it wasn't intentional. So it is quite shocking that this week's outcome was diametrically opposite of what was predicted. Life's always teaching me something. But the joy I found this week was no accident. It started once I became honest with myself. I knew that all three exams had to be taken, and although all were time-sensitive, I knew that I simply would not excel the way I know that I can if I stuck with the original plan. Once I accepted that I would not, and should not, go through what I was planning on doing for months, I was able to find an inner peace that could only be grace. The strength required to forgo a plan without feeling like a failure can only come from grace. Cancelling and rescheduling two of those exams was not something I wanted to do, but something I knew I had to do. It takes a lot of faith to press the pause button on a dream, but God reminded me that I'm doing just that, pausing, not stopping. It was in that realization I found joy. 

What I'm Loving:
  • This quote!
  • Using my chic little notebook to jot down moments of grace throughout the day.
  • Spending an entire weekday at home for what feels like the first time this year! My brothers came to visit, it was a great day. 
Book Recommendation:
  • Audrey at Home
    • Just got my copy this week and already a favorite! Written by her son, who shares personal stories, pictures, and RECIPES!  I can't wait to devour it, and some recipes, this weekend. 
Weekend Reading:
Weekend Plans: 
  • Studying for exam Number II
  • Trying at least one of the recipes from Audrey at Home
  • Re-organizing my office desk; time for change. 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and whatever you choose to do, do it because it's what you want. Let your faith do the rest.

Bon weekend,