Have you ever suffered from stress?  Of course you have, we've all had some pretty stressful days, sometimes weeks that leave us drained and empty.  One of the best thing we can do for ourselves during these moments is to recognize where we are, mentally and physically. Once we do this we can are then able to alleviate the stress we are putting on our body and on our mind. Doing this will not only help us to recover, but we can then go on to perform better.  One of my favorite things to do is a mini-cleanse. Think, three-days of replenishing your body to get it back to a state of optimal health and wellness. Here are three of my favorite 3-day cleanses that I hope you give a try. 

3-Day Grape Cleanse

This is by far the most challenge as your diet will consist of grapes and hydration only. The benefits are better sleep, less stress, better eating habits, and improved skin. This is the one cleanse that Caudalie's founder, Mathilde Thomas lives by. Check out some of the amazing benefits of grapes
  • Before Cleanse: Eat a clean diet of fruits and veggies and cut back on coffee and alcohol. Stock up on black and dark-red grapes. 
  • Day One: Eat grapes only. It's best to eat small quantities of grapes throughout the day at regular intervals. Drinks lots of water and herbal tea. 
  • Day Two: Follow the same schedule as Day One. Don't panic if you're feeling a bit groggy
  • Day Three:  Same as the previous Days.
  • After: Slowly ease yourself back regular foods while still incorporating grapes and water. 
3-Day Detox Cleanse

Another great cleanse to rejuvenate your body, clear your skin, and leave you feeling new and fresh. This cleanse comes from Dr. Oz and is a easier alternative to the the grape cleanse. 

3-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse

The easiest and my absolutely favorite is this smoothie cleanse. What I love most about this cleanse is that you'll love it so much that you end up extending it for more than three days. Get all the recipes here and feel free to substitute with your own green smoothie of choice. 

I hope this has helped you, at the least I hope it makes you think about how you can get your body back to a physical state of performance and wellness. Let me know what you think and any suggestions or other cleanses you've tried and would recommend.